Sakura Matsuri 2017 - New York City

This past weekend was the Sakura Matsuri (or cherry blossom festival) in New York City at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. This festival is comparably different from the D.C. festival - which I attended last year - that takes place earlier in April. For starters, the NYC festival takes place surrounded by cherry blossoms. The festival in D.C., on the other hand, takes place in a parking lot. The D.C. festival also had far more vendors and activities, but that may be due to the large space they acquired. The main draw of the NYC festival is the trees themselves. 

Two things were the same for both festivals: 1. Both festivals magically took place on the first warm day of the year and 2. I got very sunburned at both events.

The cherry blossoms were absolutely breathtaking. Every time a breeze pulled through the garden the petals would flutter to the ground in beautiful waves. We didn’t end up staying very long at the festival, but being able to see the trees, flowers, and spend the day in the sun was worth the trek.

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