Courtney + Zack Engagement

Courtney and I met on the second day of a summer intensive Italian language course. The way we tell the story: one day we weren’t friends and they next day we were. It was just that simple. Throughout the years I’ve seen her grow; accomplish goals; and fall madly in love with Zack. While I haven’t known Zack as long as I’ve known Courtney, I know without a doubt that he will care and love her the way a husband should.

It was never a question that I would shoot Courtney and Zack’s engagement photos, but I was still bursting with excitement when Courtney asked. These portraits are simple just like Courtney and Zack. They were a dream to work with - we’ve even planned a second session when they come visit me during the summer! I wish these two all the joy in the world and cannot wait to see them grow in their married life.

P.S. I’m going to cry like a baby at their wedding and I am not ashamed. 

Katsucon 2017 Photo Roundup

Cosplay Credits:
Riko - Amy | Keith - Kristin | Pidge - Darby | Anzu & Nico - Jenni |
Freyja & Nozomi - Kayla | Mikumo - Val | Kaname - Me | Eli - Michelle 

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